Mental Heath issues are not going away. In fact mental health issues are increasing at a phenomenal rate. More and more people are falling through the cracks of our already overloaded mental health system and these people are ending up in prisons, homeless and dead. 

We believe that for the current system to function it needs to be supported. At The Grey Space organisation we help scoop up those sufferers and their families that are falling through the cracks during the most important part of their recovery and help get them into stable ongoing care. 

The way we look at Mental health is changing. Through lived experience from both a consumer and a carer point of view everyone at The Grey Space has lived the ugly side of mental illness. We understand the daily struggles to the full blown crisis’s that can occur when mental illness rears it’s ugly head. This puts us in a position to be able to really understand sufferers and their families and work with them to get their lives back on track and well managed. 

We also believe that by telling our stories we can inspire others to do the same, to get help and to get back to a quality of life we all deserve. 

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