Striving for Mental illness recovery.

We are all impacted by the phenomenally rapid increase in suicide and mental illness in our communities. Our Government mental health services and hospitals are overloaded and some of the most vulnerable people in our society are falling through the cracks. Severe mental illness and suicidal ideation can lead to broken homes, homelessness, addiction imprisonment and even death. 


The current mental health system in Australia is struggling, for this system to function the way it was intended to, it needs to be supported. At The Grey Space organisation we help scoop up those sufferers and their families that are falling through the cracks during the most critical part of their recovery, supporting them through to stable ongoing care.


We also believe that by telling our stories we can inspire others to do the same, to get help and to get back to a quality of life we all deserve.

Brisbane based movement doing small things that make a big difference. Saving lives 1 note at a time.

We had the Pleasure of spending the day and what a bloody day it was, it certainly turned it on for the time we spent  with our little sister movement The Living Project.

Tash and her living project angels came up to the sunshine coast to join us for our suicide awareness through kindness event, where we put smiles on faces with Free coffees for everyone for a full hour as well as a Grey space meets living project card to take home. We then joined the living project putting up notes to uplift and let people know that no matter what is going on in there lives they are loved. This movement is truly something special and we have no doubt these notes of hope strategically place in places are reaching people that need them most. The Living Project places these notes in places that are known to be where people come, to reflect when they are sad and unfortunately all to often attempt to take their own lives.  As we walked back past we where we had placed these beautiful notes we where able to see people already reading the notes and smiling. Reaching people one note at a time and quite literally saving lives, they can be that one thing that breaks the bad thoughts. Check them out and support the movement. 

Thank You to Our Supporters

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