About Us


The Grey Space Organisation Limited is an ACNC approved charity and are DGR approved by the ATO.

Our Vision…

Wellness and support for people living with mental illness.

Our Mission…

Our Mission is to provide support and education for people living with mental illness and their families. 

Working towards equal access to support networks of General Practitioners, Psychologists, Support Groups, Psychiatrists and vital medications for all people living with mental illness.


Our Values…

Equality – Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and all should have equal access to quality mental health care.

Respect – Each person is different and has the right to choose their own treatment plans

Community – Creating human connections between Peers, medical professionals, sufferers and their families.

Education – Creating awareness though social media, publications and peer to peer.

Meet The Team

Kate Lindquist


Kate has Spent over 10 years in the public practice industry, from boutique specialist firms to Big 4 firms. Kate is a XERO specialist and a high performer with it comes to cloud solutions for her clients, having extraordinary knowledge of the new breed of accounting software. Her strong background in client services and networking make Kate a massive asset to “The Grey Space Organisation ltd” Kate is a bubbly and outgoing yet extremely focused career woman who also enjoys time with her family and of course her French bulldog Abby.

“I love working in the accounting industry, I love dealing with people from all walks of life and hearing their stories, but all too often I was hearing sad stories about people struggling with their mental health and how it was effecting their lives. I was also bullied during high school; I found my passion for anti-bullying through being apart of the grey space organisation. It allows me to give back and help support the mental health of those struggling with bullying and their parents who struggle to understand and try to protect their children from this horrible thing BULLYING. ~ Kate Lindquist

Emma Russoniello


Bachelor of Accounting with Distinction, Diploma in Management & Certificate IV Business with 2 years’ experience in public practice and over 10 years’ experience in business management.  Emma is currently working towards her CPA accreditation and is a member of the golden key honours society.

“Whilst I have worked in business and accounting for almost 15 years there was something missing from my life. I have a strong passion for mental illness and suicide recovery. Having a lived experience with both caring for someone with severe mental illness as well as battling with my own mental illness I wanted to do more to help others. Putting my vast experience and business management skills into ‘the grey space’ was the missing piece in my career and my personal life. I have met some amazing people and done some amazing things with the grey space. I’m proud of the fact we continue to make a difference in the lives of so many people suffering mental illness”. ~ Emma Russoniello

Ben Russoniello


Ben has business and management experience from running his own successful business’ for well over a decade, as well as providing business advisory in the IT industry. Ben has managed to become successful in business despite having sever mental illness. Bens mental illness has equipped him with an extensive understanding of mental illness, specifically Bipolar, but also has an amazing ability to bridge the gap between people with mental illness and those without. He brings a lived experience of the ugliest sides of mental illness to ‘The Grey Space Organisation’.

“I have been apart of many things in my life from sport to business, being bipolar I have had many careers due the nature of the illness yet I   have been successful in them all. Nothing compares though, to being a part of The Grey Space Organisation. Having been failed by the system after a suicide attempt and having to figure out the path to recovery on my own, I am proud to be part of an organisation that can help support people through their crisis whether it is mental illness or suicide. Given time we will grow to be a force that fights for the rights of mentally ill and support all those struggling through crisis and into recovery. ~ Ben Russoniello

Shanna McLeod


Shanna is ‘The Grey Space Organisations’ mental health guru. With qualifications ranging from a Diploma in mental health and Cert IV in mental health Peer work up to diplomas in training and assessment and Art Therapy. Shanna believes in a holistic view on treating mental health, her approach to mental health lined up perfectly with ‘The Grey Space Org’s’ being Person first. All people going through mental health crisis should have input into how they treated for their mental illness / health. Every person is different, and we all respond differently to different treatments. Shanna is a champion of this form of mental health advocacy and person first focused treatment.

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