I need to get Naked right now.

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10 Nov 2019

My joints feel stiff, I need to crack them, but they won’t crack. It feels like sandpaper, every time I roll my wrists and ankles are being rubbed with sandpaper, every time, I roll my ankle and wring my wrists to try and release the relentless tension. Until POP my ankle pops and the pain is epic and my foot is swollen because I have just damaged my tendon but I still haven’t released the tension in any of my joints so I continue on with the process over and over and over and over….

My Clothes are too tight, they are getting tighter what the fuck I can’t get comfortable, why do my clothed feel like they are choking me. I can’t get comfortable I need to move maybe this position. Nope. Fuck these clothes are killing me…. ARGGGHHH.

*Stands up, muttering swear words goes to the bedroom takes clothes of and stands like a star fish then puts all the clothes back on and goes back to the lounge*

What I just described is something I go through often. Sometimes its severe and sometimes its just enough to piss me off. Although its kind of funny to think that a grown man can’t handle having his clothes on, because he thinks they are trying to choke him so he strips naked just to put his clothes back on, it can be quite a bad symptom of being mentally ill. It is a feeling of relentless restlessness that causes repetitive movements without a person wanting to do it.


Yep it has a name, a psychological misfire that causes your motor functions to produce useless movement and tension. It can take many forms, some more severe than others. It involves repetitive, purposeless or unintentional movements or behaviours. These movements happen in response to the growing anxiety in our bodies produced by the feelings of restlessness that are unable to be stopped.


Psychomotor agitation (PA) is an extremely common symptom of people who are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and will affect the person differently depending on if they are in a Manic, Depressed or Mixed State. PA can also be a good indicator that a person who suffers from suicidal ideation and behaviour isn’t currently coping, we can use these behaviours to help us predict when friends and family who suffer from suicidal ideation need us the most.

Psychomotor Agitation can also affect people from a range of other conditions including;

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Panic Attacks, General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia and Dementia


Some common symptoms of PA are;

Unable to sit still, Stiff body, unable to relieve tension, desperately trying to find a comfortable position, becoming increasingly anxious, irritable and tearful.

These symptoms can cause a person suffering from PA to;

Pace around the room, wring hands, tap fingers and feet, fidget, start or stop a task abruptly, talk very fast, move objects for no reason and take their clothes off and put them back on.


The best way to manage your Psychomotor agitation is to seek professional help from your Doctor, Psychologist or Psychiatrist. They will not only determine the cause of the issue, they will give you the best advice on how to manage it.

Some common treatments for PA are;

Drug therapies, psychotherapy, regular exercise, yoga and meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Many of you reading, this could possibly be the first time you’ve been able to put a name to the behaviours you’ve done for many years. Some of you may already have heard the term. But know that many of us who suffer with mental illnesses go through the same thing and you’re not alone on this one. As annoying and sometimes as painful as it can be, we can minimise its effects Psychomotor Agitation has on our body and our mind giving us that little bit better quality of life that we all strive for being mentally ill.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go rip of my clothes, do a few star jumps and get dressed again.

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  1. Shaani

    This was so insightful!!! Well written.

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